Sunday, June 22, 2008

Homemade Strawberry Liqueur

Here's one from our personal archives: strawberry liqueur. Last summer, I worked right in the middle of Stockholm, only a stone's throw away from Hötorget (Hay Square), and its bustling fruit and vegetable market. This market is a lovely piece of unswedishness in the middle of Sweden: most, if not all, vendors are immigrants or children thereof, and as you walk between the stalls, they shout offers at you: "strawberries, 2 boxes for 20!", "fine plums, half price!", "beans, bananas, new potatoes!". I used to frequent a particular stall, often passing by on my way home from work, picking up fruits, nuts, and whatever vegetables we needed for dinner. By the end of summer, I bought a few kilos of lingonberries, and made jam.

One day, I arrived only fifteen minutes before closing time, and as I was browsing the produce, the vendor asked me if I was interested in some strawberries. The prime strawberry season was over by then, but he offered me 8 boxes (about 4 kg) for about €10, how can you resist an offer like that?

One of the things we tried with my accidental harvest was a homemade strawberry liqueur, which turned out to be a very nice base for summery drinks, going very well with some lemon or lime juice, vodka and soda water, or with juices for a sweeter touch. It also had a beautiful colour, and smelled heavenly. For all the aspiring hobby bartenders, this is a great recipe, a lot better than any store bought version.

Strawberry liquer

Makes about a liter.

1 kg of fresh strawberries (about 2 liters)
500 g sugar
1 liter of vodka

Trim the green parts off the strawberries. Place the berries, sugar, and vodka in a suitably large glass jar with a tight lid. Let sit in room temperature for three weeks. Every other day, turn the jar over a few times, so the sugar dissolves well. After the three weeks, pass it through a sieve and bottle. Keeps indefinitely, and will actually mature over the next three months or so.

The boozy left over strawberries can be served with some vanilla ice cream.


Kerstin said...

I´ll try this one! We got a lot of strawberries right now on Farsta torg.

del said...

You actually tried this last year. Not making it, mind you, but you tasted it, and noted that it was a great cocktail ingredient. Of course, you might not remember that evening ;)

The P & A Food Chronicles said...

i love, love it , need to try it tonight!!

Kevin said...

Making your own strawberry liqueur sounds like fun.

del said...

It was indeed great fun to drink a homemade liqueur, and it tastes like distilled summer, an entirely amazing ingredient in a long drink with vodka, lime juice and some soda.

Astrid said...

This looks delicious! Beautiful photo of the red bottle against the window.

Anonymous said...

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